Apps For RVing – 23 Best for RV Travel and Trip Planning


There are RV Apps for Everything

RVing is an excellent way to travel and see the country, it’s an affordable way to travel, and you can travel at your own pace. You can stay in one place for a while, explore the area, or move around and see different parts of the country. There are apps for RVing to help you with many aspects of planning a camping trip or if you are already on the road.

If you’re an RVer, there’s an app for just about everything to fit your RV lifestyle. Need to find a campground? There’s an app for that. Do you want to know what the weather will be like on your trip? There’s an app for that, too. We have listed 23 of the best RV apps for RVers, continue reading for more details

RV Travel Apps Help Make Planning Easier

Planning a road trip in an RV, a few apps can make your trip easier. Google Maps is a must-have for any road trip, and it’s beneficial if you’re unfamiliar with the area. RV Trip Wizard helps you plan your route and find campgrounds along the way. AllStays Camp and RV Parks is another helpful app that shows you where to find camping spots and discounts and amenities at each location.

For those who like to plan every detail of their trip, The Dyrt is a great resource. It’s an online database of campgrounds, RV parks, and boondocking spots, with reviews from other travelers. You can search for specific amenities, like pet-friendly or wheelchair-accessible locations. Once you’ve found a site you like, The Dyrt can help you make a reservation.

What Is an RV Trip Planner?

An RV trip planner is a great way to get the most out of your RVing experience. Several apps can help you plan your route, find campgrounds, and even book reservations.

One of the best things about using an RV trip planner is that it can help you save money. You can avoid costly mistakes like wrong turns and detours by planning your route. You can also find discounts on campgrounds and other attractions along the way.

Another great benefit of using a road trip planner is that it can help you stay safe on the road. Again, you can avoid dangerous areas and weather conditions by planning your route. You can also get information about where to find gas stations, rest stops, and other vital resources.

What to Look for in RV Trip Planning Apps

There are a few things you should look for when choosing an RV trip planning app. The app should allow you to input your vehicle information to provide personalized route options based on your RV’s size and weight.

It should also have a searchable database of campgrounds and RV parks and user-generated reviews and ratings. And finally, the app should offer features like offline maps and GPS tracking, so you can continue using it even if you lose cell service.

10 Tips for Planning Your Next RV Trip

When it comes to RVing, there are a few things you should keep in mind when planning your next trip. For starters, you’ll want to ensure you have the right insurance for your RV. You’ll also want to download a few essential apps that can help make your trip go more smoothly.

We have included a few tips to keep in mind when planning your next RV trip:

1. Get the right insurance for your RV.
2. Download helpful apps like GasBuddy and Campendium.
3. Use a route planner like Google Maps or MapQuest to plan your route and find campgrounds.
4. Ensure you bring all the necessary supplies for your trip, including food, water, and camping gear.
5. Always have a backup plan for an emergency.
6. Make sure your RV is prepared before you leave, including checking the tires and fluids.
7. Remain in contact with family and friends while traveling by cell phone or computer through the use of a satellite dish.
8. Make sure you have a good emergency kit in your RV in case of an accident.
9. Fill your tank before hitting the road.
10. Don’t forget to bring your RV’s manual; you may need it!

Best Travel Apps Favorites for RVing

1) RV Trip Wizard

RV Trip Wizard is an app that helps you plan your RV trip. You can enter your start and end date, starting location, and destination, and the app will then give you a list of things to do and see along the way. You can also add activities, restaurants, and attractions to your trip itinerary.

2) Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy is one of the best apps for RVing. It allows you to find the cheapest gas prices in your area and plan your route accordingly. It’s a must-have for any RVer, and it’s free!

Gas prices vary significantly from state to city and even city to city. Gas Buddy lets you search for the cheapest gas prices in your area to save money on your next road trip.

In addition to finding the cheapest gas prices, Gas Buddy also helps you plan your route by entering the starting point and your destination, and the app will show you the best way to get there. The app is beneficial if you’re planning a cross-country trip.

Gas Buddy is a free app, and it’s available for both iPhone and Android devices.

3) REI National Parks Guide

REI, the outdoor retailer, has a great National Parks Guide app. The app includes information on over 400 national parks, including camping and hiking trails, ranger-led activities, and interpretive programs.

REI National Parks Guide is an essential app for national forest enthusiasts. With an in-depth breakdown of each park’s gems and the capability to develop your own “to-do” list, this free app is full of valuable features. You can also find nearby REI stores and services. The app is available and free for iOS and Android devices.

4) Sanidumps Dump Station Locator

The Sanidumps Dump Station Locator is an excellent option if you’re looking for a dump station. It’s a free app to help you find the nearest dump station for your location to discard your sanitation tank. The app also provides directions and hours of operation for each dump station. There is also the option to report broken equipment or if you have questions about a specific station.

The premium version lets you save your 20 favorite RV dump stations, with turn-by-turn directions to those dumpsites. Even if you are offline or lack a cell signal, you can still access or browse the dump station locations.

5) Offline Survival Manual

If you are in a situation without cell service or WiFi, never fear; there are still ways to get information and help. An offline survival manual can be a lifesaver in these circumstances.

You can get the offline survival manual in a couple of ways. One is to buy a physical book from Amazon or another retailer, or  you can find a PDF online and download it to your phone or computer. Once you have the manual, please familiarize yourself with it, so you know where to find information when you need it.

An offline survival manual can provide crucial information in a variety of situations. For example, the survival manual teaches you how to construct a fire, and shelter, find food, dress wounds, purify water, distinguish edible plants from those that are not, and quite a bit more.

This app will aid you in preparing for any scenario that may arise during outdoor adventures. Better yet, the app is free of cost and is worth downloading.

5 Best RVing Navigation Apps

1) Google Maps: for finding campgrounds, gas stations, and attractions.

Google Maps is an essential app on your phone for planning a road trip in an RV. You can use it to find campgrounds, gas stations, and attractions along your route.

One of the great things about Google Maps is that you can see reviews from other travelers for campgrounds and attractions, which will help you choose a place to stay or visit.

You can also use Google Maps to find out if there are any discounts available for campgrounds or attractions. Often times you can find coupons or promo codes that will save you money on your trip.

2) Roadtrippers:

Roadtrippers is an excellent app for RVers who want to plan their trips and find the best places to go. The app has an extensive database of campgrounds, RV parks, and other attractions, and it makes trip planning easy with its user-friendly interface. You can search for campgrounds by location, amenities, or price, and the app will show you all the available options.

Once you’ve found a few potential destinations, you can add them to your trip itinerary, and Roadtrippers will generate a customized route for you. The app includes gas prices along your route, weather forecasts, and points of Interest. Whether you’re a seasoned RVer or just getting started, Roadtrippers is a must-have app for your next road trip.

3) Good Sam Roadside Assistance: for roadside assistance and towing services.

If you’re looking for roadside assistance, towing services, or even a good app to help plan your RV trip, look no further than Good Sam Roadside Assistance. This app has everything you need to ensure your trip goes smoothly, from directions and gas prices to emergency services and tow truck locations. With Good Sam Roadside Assistance, you can rest assured that help is always just a tap away.

4) RV Parking Locator: for finding campground parking spaces.

The RV Parking Locator app is the way to go if you want a specific RV parking spot. You can find campgrounds by location and amenities and filter your results by the type of RV parking space you need. Whether looking for a full-hookup spot with sewer and water connections or just a place to park overnight, this app will help you find what you’re looking for in a stop or overnight stay.

The RV Parking Locator app is free to download for iOS and Android devices.

5) iExit: helps you find exits on the highway, you’re traveling for stops.

If you’re traveling on the highway, iExit is a great app to tell you where the exits are so you can plan your route accordingly. You can also find out what services are available at each exit, like gas stations, restaurants, and hotels.

5 Best RVing Apps for Finding Campgrounds

1) Allstays Camp & RV: for finding campgrounds, RV parks, and dump stations. Allstays is a comprehensive essential app for anyone hitting the open road in an RV. It includes detailed listings for more than 43,000 campgrounds and RV parks in the US and Canada with user-generated reviews and photos. Allstays app enables you to filter your search by amenities like hookups, playgrounds, and pet-friendly parks.

2) iOverlander: find camping spots, gas stations, grocery stores, and more.

Whether you’re a full-timer or a weekend warrior, there’s an RV app for it. iOverlander is one of the best. It’s a crowd-sourced database of camping spots, gas stations, grocery stores, and more. You can search for specific amenities or browse by location, and the app also includes user-generated reviews and photos.

iOverlander is available for both iOS and Android devices. The basic version is free, but there’s also a Pro version that costs $9.99/per year (at the time of print of this article). The Pro version grants you access to additional features, such as offline maps and the ability to filter results by date range and type of amenity.

If you’re looking for an RV app to make your travels easier, iOverlander is worth checking out.

3) RV Camp Finder: for finding RV parks and campgrounds.

If you’re looking for a great RV campground, you should check out RV Camp Finder. This app is excellent for any RVer, making finding the perfect campground easy and convenient.

RV Camp Finder has a comprehensive database of RV parks and campgrounds, so you’re sure to find a perfect spot for your next trip. Plus, the app makes it easy to search for campground locations and more.

So if you’re planning your next RV trip, download RV Camp Finder. It’s the best way to find the perfect campground for your needs.

4) RV Parky: for finding RV parks and campgrounds and reviews.

The RV Parky app includes a map of the United States to find parks near you or search for specific parks by name or location. You can filter the search results by amenities, such as whether the park has full hookups or if it’s pet-friendly.

Once you find a park that looks promising, you can read reviews from other RVers to get their take on the place. And if you’re still undecided, you can even contact the park directly through the app to ask any questions you may have. So whether you’re looking for a last-minute campsite or planning your next cross-country road trip, RV Parky is a handy tool to have in your arsenal.

5) Campendium: for finding campgrounds, as well as reviews.

There is no shortage of apps available to help you find the perfect campground, but Campendium is one of the best. In addition, not only does the app provide you with a comprehensive database of campgrounds, but it also offers user-generated reviews and ratings. The app lets users understand other campers’ thoughts about particular spot before making their reservation.

In addition to offering detailed information about each campground, Campendium also allows users to search for specific amenities, which can be incredibly helpful. And in the event you happen to be traveling with a large group, you can use the app to find campgrounds with group sites available. One of the best things about Campendium is its free use.

5 Weather Apps for Planning Your Travels

There are many different weather apps available, and it can be hard to know which one to use for your RV trip. Here are some of the best weather apps for planning your travels:

1. Weather Underground: This app gives you access to the world’s largest network of weather stations, so you can always get accurate forecast data.

2. AccuWeather: This app provides minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts so that you can confidently plan your RV trip around the weather.

3. The Weather Channel: This app offers detailed forecast information for locations worldwide, so you can find the perfect spot for your RV trip no matter where you’re going.

4. NOAA: This app gives you access to the National Weather Service’s professional forecasts to prepare you for any weather.

5. iMeteo: This app gives you access to the world’s most extensive network of weather stations, so you can always get accurate forecast data.

Best RV Maintenance Apps

If you’re an RVer, then you know a lot of maintenance goes into keeping your RV in tip-top shape. From checking tire pressure to monitoring the water levels in your holding tanks, there’s always something to do. But what if there’s an app for that?

Here are three of the best apps for RV maintenance:

1. TireMinder: This app is vital for any RVer. It helps you keep track of your tire pressure and alerts you when it’s time to add air. It also has a handy feature that allows you to find nearby gas stations and RV service centers.

2. TankWatch4: This app is perfect for monitoring your holding tanks. It lets you know when your tanks are full, empty, or overflowing, and it also gives you reminders to dump when needed.

3. RV Battery Manager: This app allows you to track your battery usage and monitor how much power you have left in the batteries.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts on the Best Apps for Rving

As you can see, there’re  plenty of fantastic apps that can help you plan your next RV road trip. Whether you need help finding a campground, getting discounts on gas, or want a way to keep track of your travels, apps can help you plot your path. With so many options available, it’s easy to find the perfect ones for your needs and make your RV life much easier.

According to a recent study, 9 of 10 RV owners use them for travel. And of those owners, nearly half say they use apps to help plan their trips.

These apps will make your next RV trip a breeze, from finding the perfect camping spot to managing your budget. And with many of them being free, there’s no excuse not to try them out!

So what are you waiting for; get to downloading and start planning your next RV adventure!

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