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Why Do You Need an RV Alarm System?

RV living and touring around the country can be fantastic; however, it certainly does not come without risk. There is always the risk of your RV getting hitched while you are on the road. Or, while you are out exploring, thieves might make their way inside and take your belongings. These scenarios are undoubtedly traumatizing but factual wherever we go. No one wants their RV to get stolen; thus, security alarm systems for RVs are a must have for every RV owner.

Regarding security, RVs are often an easy target for thieves, and this is because they are usually packed with valuable items and are left unattended for long periods. To help combat this, many RV owners invest in security alarm systems. These systems detect movement inside the RV and set an alarm off to scare off potential thieves.

Sure, it is improbable that someone will break into your RV, but you should prepare for the worse, and getting a security system for your RV is an excellent way to start. Specific security systems can even be advantageous when storing your RV in the off-season.

Here’s why you need one for your RV:

1. It deters thieves. Just the sight of an alarm system can deter would-be thieves from entering your RV.

2. It alerts you to intruders. If someone busts into your RV, an alarm system will sound, alerting you and hopefully scare off the intruder.

3. It can help track down thieves. Many security systems come with GPS tracking, so if someone steals your RV, you can track it down and get it back.

4. It gives you peace of mind.

Can You Get a Home Security System in Your RV?

Is your RV your home away from home? If so, you may want to know if you can get a home security system for it. After all, you want to keep your RV safe from theft and vandalism just like your regular home.

Fortunately, there are plenty of security options available for RVs. You can choose from basic alarm systems that will make a loud noise if someone tries to break into your RV to more sophisticated systems, including GPS tracking and remote monitoring.

No matter what RV security system type you decide on, it’s vital to ensure that you install and maintain it properly. Hence, you can rest assured that your RV is safe and secure no matter where you go.

RV Vehicle Anti-Theft Devices

Most RVs come equipped with an anti-theft system, but many after-market vehicle anti-theft devices (VATDs) are also available. You can use VATDs with an existing system or as a standalone device. Many types of VATDs are available, so choosing one that is compatible with your RV and meets your needs is vital.

There are various types of anti-theft systems to choose from for RVs. Some of the most popular include:

-Infrared motion detectors: These devices detect movement by sensing changes in infrared radiation. They are typically very sensitive and can be set to trigger the alarm even if there is only a small amount of movement detected.

-Magnetic switches: These switches are placed on doors and windows and trigger the alarm when someone opens them. They work by detecting changes in the magnetic field around the RV.

-Pressure switches: These devices work by detecting changes in pressure caused by opening a door or window. You typically use them in conjunction with magnetic switches. -Motion sensors

How to Make Your RV More Secure

We have listed a few tips to secure your RV below:

1. Get an RV anti-theft device. Many different device types are available, so choose one that fits your needs.

2. Make sure the device is installed correctly and working properly.

3. Test the device regularly to ensure it is still working correctly.

4. Be sure to set the device when you leave your RV unattended.

5. Let someone know when you will be gone and how long you will be gone to keep an eye on your RV while you are away.

How to Choose the Best Alarm System for Your RV

If you’re like most people, your RV is one of your most prized possessions. And, just like your home, you want to keep it safe from burglars and thieves. That’s where an RV security alarm system comes in. But with the brash of different types and brands on the market, how do you choose the right one for your RV?

When choosing a security alarm system for your RV, keep in mind the following:

1. How much protection do you need?

Do you need a basic system to deter burglars or something more sophisticated that will send an immediate alert to you and the authorities if someone tries to break in?

2. What type of monitoring do you want?

Some security systems come with 24/7 monitoring, while others allow you to self-monitor using your smartphone or tablet.

3. Do you have it in the budget to spend? You can get a great deal on an RV security system if you’re willing to set it up yourself. If not, you can pay a professional to do it for you.

4. What features are important to you?

Do RV Security Systems Require Wi-Fi?

Many security systems require a landline or broadband internet to send alerts, but for your RV, you need a wireless system that can function without a landline or internet. So you need a security system that makes it easy to call for help during an emergency, whether a monitoring center, 9-1-1, or a trusted friend or relative.

4 Best RV Security Alarm System

Finding a security system for your RV can be difficult, but finding a great RV security system is even more challenging. In general, you are looking for a security system that protects your RV and your assets within your RV. Fortunately, some alarm systems can cater to both for you. Below you will find 4 of the best security systems on the market for RVs.

Tattletale RV Alarm System

The Tattletale Alarm System is a modernized security system with a built-in motion detector and a 20-hour battery backup for when the option for outside power is unavailable. The wireless and portable security system makes it a relatively decent choice for your RV security.

This security system features monitoring capabilities and a panic alarm that you can easily set up and disarm with a key-fob. The Tattletale System allows setting up notification texts and emails whenever the system detects an anomaly. The notifications can be sent to up to five people, ensuring that your contacts see the system alerts.

The Tattletale Security System does require a connection with a base unit specially made to pair with Tattletale equipment to enable installation. The base unit has military-grade HALO Advanced Technology that allows the base to connect with other devices up to 300 feet away. This feature would be very convenient and enable the system to track motion, door or glass-break sensors, and smoke detectors within 300 feet.

SimpliSafe Security System

SimpliSafe is another security alarm system that is self-monitoring and includes security sensors, hazard sensors, and cameras. Like the Tattletale security system, it also comes with a base unit that requires a power source. The battery backup for SimpliSafe last approximately 8-12 hours.

Although the battery life is not super, the SimpliSafe Security Systems has many features. The system has Cellular and Wi-Fi monitoring, smartphone access through an app available for particular phone carriers, video surveillance, and pairing with other smart devices like Google Home and Alexa.

Upon linking to the base, the SimpliSafe System includes:

  • Entryway sensors.
  • Motion sensors.
  • Glass breakage sensors.
  • Smoke cabin temperature sensors.
  • Water sensors.
  • Smoke detector sensors.
  • Even a panic button.

These temperature and water sensors can be handy during cold winter.

Guardian Security System

The Guardian Security System brags that it puts up a virtual fence around your RV with wireless sensors with a satellite antenna mounted on the RV roof. This system is an excellent choice for RVers, adventurers at remote locations, or those frequently away.

The satellite antenna communicates alarms and information to the Guardian System servers; in turn, it sends the alert messages to you via text messages. The wireless sensors will be able to detect unauthorized entries, smoke, heat, water levels, loss of power, and low battery voltage.

Once again, many of these alerts would be especially useful during the off-season or whenever you store your RV for a long time. The Guardian differs from other alarm systems, which only send out alarms and sirens to discourage an intruder from breaking in and notify you of the problem. Maybe the next-generation security system will fix the problem for you.

Reolink Go Security Camera

Riolink Camera

Reolink Go Security Camera System provides exceptional security for monitoring remote locations or while you are traveling or away from home. The portable monitoring security system works with or without Wi-Fi or a power source—utilizing 3G/4G LTE wireless network providers like AT&T and T-Mobile. The Reolink Go gets its power from a rechargeable battery or a weatherproof solar panel.

Just hook it up on the roof or side of the RV, motorhome, truck, or camper, and view the live videos on the app. Get instant motion alerts, listen in on what is going on, send a voice alert, watch it at night, you get the it!

The main feature is the network connectivity, the rechargeable battery, and the autonomous battery through a solar panel. It also has motion detectors, phone and email alerts, siren alarms, 2-way audio with mic and speaker, and motion recording to a local SD card with 1080p HD video quality with night vision 2.

​Reolink Argus 2

RV Solar Security Camera

Reolink Argus 2 includes a rechargeable battery and a solar-powered security camera for your RV. Reolink Argus 2 is ideal for RVs, motorhomes, campers, caravans, travel trailers, fifth-wheel trailers, toy haulers, pop-up trailers, or slide-in campers. Reolink is weatherproof, wire-free, portable, and super easy to set up.

You may want to attach the camera to the side of your RV, connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot, and view the video feed on your smartphone at any time. The security system can augment your RV manufacturer’s alarm system.

Reolink Argus 2 has proven to deter break-ins or theft in and around your RV or motorhome at campgrounds, beaches, or resorts day and night.

Reolink also makes a great wireless backup rearview camera and a wireless indoor security camera for your RV, truck, mobile home, trailer, van, or bus. With some add-ons and mounting brackets. (check prices on amazon)

Placing one or two security cameras in your RV is effective and economical. Doing so adds an extra layer of security to your home and provides evidence if someone breaks into your RV. Besides the camera mentioned above and a few others, most cameras will not work because of a lack of a power source and an internet connection.

Final Thoughts About RV Security Alarm Systems

Your RV is your home away from home, so do not take the security of your RV lightly. That said, we recommend multiple levels of security. Besides security systems and cameras, you can deploy other security measures to keep your RV or motorhome safe from theft, such as RV door and window alarms, door sensors, RV security locks, and window security film.

No matter what RV security system type you decide on, it’s vital to ensure that you properly install and maintain the unit. This way, you can be confident and assured that your RV is safe and secure no matter where you go.

Choosing the most suitable security alarm systems for RVs goes a long way to protecting what you cherish and giving you absolute peace of mind.

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