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What Makes a Good RV Kayak Carrier? 

When choosing a kayak carrier for your RV, there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind. First, think about how many kayaks you want to be able to transport. You can find carriers that can accommodate one or two kayaks with an optional bike rack, as well as those that can carry up to four kayaks. Next, consider the type of mounting system you prefer. Some carriers mount directly onto the RV roof and require a ladder, while others deploy a vertical RV kayak rack on the back of an RV.

Finally, consider the weight and length of your kayaks when selecting a carrier. Heavier and longer kayaks will need a heavy duty carrier rather than the lighter and shorter ones.

Best RV Camper Kayak Racks

The best RV camper kayak racks are the ones that allow you to store your kayak securely and where you won’t have to worry about overhead obstacles. Camper kayak racks make it easy to transport your kayaks with you on your RV trips. Depending on your specific preferences, you can choose from several types of kayak racks.

Malone Kayak TrailerFor example, you can get a vertical kayak rack, which is excellent if your RV has limited space or if you want to avoid obstacles on the roof of your RV. If you have a larger RV or plan on transporting a couple of kayaks, consider getting a kayak trailer. Kayak trailers allow you to carry multiple kayaks at once and can be easily attached to the back of your RV.

Why You Need A Vertical Kayak Rack for RVs

A kayak is an excellent addition to any RV. It allows you to explore different areas of the country and exercise while you’re at it. An RV kayak rack is a must-have for anyone who wants to bring their kayak along on their RV trips. There are a few reasons why a vertical RV kayak rack is better than a horizontal one:

  1. It takes up less space than a horizontal rack which can take up valuable storage space for your RV.
  2. A verticle rack is more stable and minimizes the chance of your kayak tipping over and getting damaged.
  3. It’s easier to load and unload.

Hitch Mount RV Kayak Racks

A hitch mount RV kayak rack attaches to the hitch receiver on your RV and can carry single or double kayaks. Some racks also have storage features, such as straps and tie-downs, to keep your kayak secure while driving. When choosing a hitch mount RV kayak rack, consider the weight and size of your kayak and the combined weight of the rack.

– The rack’s weight capacity: Most hitch mount RV kayak racks have a weight limit of around 150 pounds. If you have a heavier kayak, find a rack that can accommodate its weight.

– The type of hitch on your RV: Some hitches are incompatible with specific racks. Therefore, make sure to check the compatibility before purchasing a rack.

Things to Consider Before Buying an RV Kayak Carrier

One of the most vital factors to consider when choosing an RV kayak rack is the weight capacity. You’ll also want to ensure the rack is easy to install and remove, as you’ll likely do this yourself.

Another consideration is the size of the rack. If you are transporting the kayak inside your vehicle, choose a rack that can fit safely inside your RV. If you plan to leave the kayak outside your vehicle, a larger rack will be more suitable.

Also, consider the type of kayak you have. Some racks are designed for specific types of kayaks, so if you have a sit-on-top or an inflatable kayak, you will want to check and ensure the rack you’re considering will work.

Lastly, think about how many kayaks you want to be able to transport. Some hitch mount racks can carry up to 4 kayaks, while others are limited to 2 or 3. A $300 kayak will not fit on a $50 rack. Consider where you plan on storing your kayak when it’s not in use, as many RV racks are too tall for most garages and carports.

Best RV Kayak Racks – Vertical 

There are many ways to transport your kayak, but if you’re looking for an easy way to store and transport your kayak on your RV, begin with a good quality kayak rack. To help you decide, we’ve listed some kayak racks to make your decision easier.

1. ‎ACCPOLS RV Kayak Rack 

‎ACCPOLS RV Kayak Rack 


This hitch-mounted kayak carrier can hold Up to 2 Kayaks and 2 bikes. It is compatible with RVs, trucks, and SUVs and fits most kayaks. Following the instructions makes this kayak rack easy to install in about ten minutes. The kayak rack fits most kayaks on the market. You can adjust the activity bar’s position according to the kayaks’ sizes. When you are not using the kayak rack, it can be folded, easily loaded, and unloaded. The reinforced heavy-duty structure at the bottom has a 300 lb capacity.



2. RecPro RV Kayak Rack Vertiyak

RecPro RV Kayak Rack Vertiyak



This kayak mount is perfect for your upcoming trip. If you have a couple of friends going and you want to bring your kayaks or paddleboards for some fun out on the water, then look no further. This mount allows you to haul two kayaks, paddleboards, or a combination of the two. It fits kayaks and paddleboards up to 12 feet long and holds up to 150 pounds. This kayak rack is adjustable. The lower cradle hoop has holes for three different mounting heights. This means you can adjust it to fit your kayak or paddleboard perfectly.



3. LABFORMARS Kayak Carrier

LABFORMARS Kayak Carrier


This kayak carrier for RVs and trucks holds Up to 2 kayaks and is compatible with 2-inch hitch mounts. The RV kayak rack has an ample adjustment range for different sizes of kayaks. You can use the rack on a pickup truck by adjusting it to a second form to reduce air resistance and wind noise. The kayak rack is made of high-quality steel and a black-powder coat finish for long life and corrosion resistance, and it can carry up to 150 lbs.



Installing a Kayak on an RV

It would help if you researched to find the best kayak for your needs. Kayak racks are easy to install and provide a secure way to transport your kayak, and you will need the right rack and some basic tools.

The first step is to determine the right rack for your RV, and perhaps the best type for an RV is a vertical rack or maybe a kayak roof rack.

Once you have chosen the right rack, gathering your tools is next. You will need a drill, screwdriver, and wrench. With these tools, you can easily install the rack on your RV.

Vertiyak Vertical Kayak Racks

The Vertiyak Vertical Kayak Rack is the perfect solution to carry your kayak with you on your travels. This rack securely holds up to two kayaks and can be mounted on either the front or back of your RV. The rack is made of powder-coated steel for durability, so it’s built to last and has soft padding to protect your kayaks from scratches. The kayak rack is designed for quick and easy installation and use, and it’s a great way to take your kayaking adventures on the road!

If you’re looking for a top-quality, versatile kayak rack for your RV, the Vertiyak rack is a great option. It will make transporting your kayaks a breeze.

DIY RV Kayak Rack

You can easily make your own rack with just a few supplies from the hardware store.

First, you’ll need two 2x4s and some screws. Cut the 2x4s to fit the width of your RV’s bumper. Then, screw them together, so they’re parallel to each other.

Next, cut some PVC pipe into four pieces about two feet long each. Screw these onto the 2x4s so they’re perpendicular to them. Make sure the PVC pipes are spaced evenly apart.

All you need to do is tie some rope or bungee cords around the pipes, and your kayak will be securely attached to your RV!

What Is the Average Weight of a Kayak?

The average weight of a kayak can vary depending on the size and type of kayak. A smaller kayak typically weighs around 30 pounds, while a larger one can weigh up to 100 pounds. A kayak’s weight also depends on the materials it is made from. For example, a kayak made from fiberglass will be lighter than one made from plastic.

The average weight of a kayak also varies depending on the type of water it will be used in. For example, a whitewater kayak will be heavier than a touring kayak because it needs to be more durable.

No matter what the weight of your kayak is, always make sure you use proper lifting techniques when moving it. It is best not to try to lift a kayak yourself – always get help from another person to avoid injury.

Additional Items Required to Mount a Kayak Rack to Your RV

Most RVers who enjoy kayaking have a preferred method for storing their kayaks while on the road. For those who don’t have a preferred method, we recommend the Malone Downloader Kayak Carrier. This rack system is easy to use and can be mounted on most RVs. (check prices on amazon)

You will also need something to protect your car or RV from scratches or other damage caused by the carrier or straps. We recommend using foam blocks or pads under the carrier feet and between the straps and RV body.

RV Ratcheting Straps to Secure Your Kayak

Perhaps the best way to transport your kayak safely is by using RV ratcheting straps. These straps are easy to use and keep your kayak secure while traveling, and they can be adjusted to fit any size kayak. 

You can also use these straps outside your RV to keep other things secure. These straps are strong enough to hold other items, such as chairs and coolers.

RV Kayak Mounts May Be Required

If you plan on bringing your kayak along for your next RV adventure, you may need to invest in an RV-specific kayak mount. While some kayaks can be mounted on a standard roof rack, others may require unique mounts designed specifically for RVs.

RV kayak mounts typically have key features that set them apart from standard roof racks. First, they often have a lower profile, which aids in reducing wind resistance and improving fuel economy. Second, they’re typically designed to be mounted closer to the roof’s edge, making loading and unloading your kayak easier.

Finally, many RV kayak mounts come with built-in tie-downs or straps, which makes it easy to secure your kayak for travel.

Conclusion: Kayak Racks

If you love spending time outdoors, you know kayaking and camping go hand in hand. With that, you know the importance of having a good kayak rack on your next venture. With many different types of kayak racks on the market, the best type of rack for an RV is a vertical kayak rack. A vertical kayak rack is great because it does not take up a lot of space and is easy to load and unload your kayak. 

This article gave you some kayak rack options that fit your RV lifestyle. We also provided some tips on installing a kayak rack, and we hope this article helps you find the best kayak rack for your needs! 


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